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Asked byadam bletsian

advise any OS for control systems that correspond to this topic


parnian alimi
It all depends on what you mean by a management system, OS, and even more so with this topic.

If I understand correctly, then you need some operating system for embedded technology with the possibility of its modification?
Then I advise you to look at link, where you can choose depending on the type of processor and financial capabilities.
annette burgess
We use LynxOS.
OS / 2?
Try an interesting project, the successor of MobLin - Tizen (link). In principle, as a replacement for RTOS for a number of projects will go.
In particular, Intel is making a software security stack on this platform (I know from a personal conversation, I cannot provide a link, unfortunately). We considered QNX to work in similar projects - unfortunately it did not fit - there is no support for CUDA, respectively, there is Tizen.
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