Are there options for porting applications from iOS to Android and back?

Asked byphiruzi kasad

We want to develop software with friends and make it multi-platform. Does anyone know ways to do this?


dheeraj chand
I think this is real only for games where all the interface drawing is done by the program. In this case, it is enough to keep the easy compatiblity layer, which provides output to the screen and receiving events (such as the driver: “output to the screen in iOS”, “output to the screen in Android).
For non-games, this option will not work - hand-drawn controls will look crooked and do not fit into the interface guidelines (and therefore, apple censorship will not pass - at least). Everywhere their interface traditions, what to do. Of course, the application logic ("model & quot;) may be common, but rewriting the interface for two platforms will take most of the time and will already mean that it is not multiplatform.
jeynifire jack
For my game, I did as a thin layer was written above that interacts with telephone functions and deals with drawing. Thus, I have a port on Linux / Win / iOS / Android, through the links to the source folder, we get 4 projects. The only big problem is with the sound in Android, since there is no direct access to alsa, the only hope is for version 3.0. There is also a problem with multitouch on many Androids (G1,G2,Hero,N1), but it is solved in a specific way by spaced control controls (for example, lower left and upper right corner).
Links to the problem of sound: 1, 2, 3

PS: Maybe I'll get together and write an article.
Look aside, applications of course turn out to be thicker than if you write native code, but at least problems with porting.
A lot of hands have to be edited after it with pens, this is something like an old version of Dreamviver :-) - bahar tolu
Well, it's still better than using your hands to make a front-end for each system :) - dusty
jodi goldberg
Look aside Airplay SDK
tiffany vasconcellos
Thank you all very much!
MoSync (C / C ++)
 Rhomobile (Ruby)
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