What is the output if DKIM is not supported by the hoster?

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Good afternoon! I use software for organizing newsletters and faced with the fact that a lot of letters fall into SPAM. Found on the Internet a solution that says that you need to configure DKIM and SPF.
There are no problems with SPF. But DKIM hoster said he did not support.

I would like to understand what are the ways to reduce the number of letters falling into SPAM? Is SPF record enough or is DKIM extremely obligatory?

In one of those he saw that they sent out 30,000 letters using only SPF and TPR records. Is this really enough?


My clients spit 15k emails once a week on SPF + PTR and the correct hostname / A - everything is ok. In Google and Yandex is not in spam.

To send signed letters, you can use an external service.
I decided to put in my staff a full time - ariane
My hosting also does not support PTR, as it turned out. In the DNS settings it is, and when sending letters does not work. The hosting is not bad, much has already been done there - sara norena
emily sheppard
SPF and PTR is enough.
The only thing is if you have several IP addresses, then you need to forcefully border the sending of messages from the same ip as the domain otherwise the PTR will not be equal and a message will come from the mail that servers with dynamic addresses are ignored.
Also, if you have delegated mail to other services, do not forget that mail de facto leaves not only from there but also from the local machine, and therefore all IP must be taken into account.
I have the usual home Internet while without a static IP. How to understand how much IP I have.
Do I understand correctly that I need to create an SPF record on the IP provider and create it on my hosting?
or I misunderstood something - catface
@shambler81 Maybe I misunderstood something. How is this from a technical point of view implemented? - matthew testa
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