Prompt the best program for working with PostgreSQL under Mac OS

Asked bytim lebon

Already tortured with pgAdmin III from the manufacturer and with DbVisualizer. The main problem is the import / export of the database with the right key relocation. I'd like to find an analogue of MySQL Workbench, only for PostgreSQL.

And what exactly are the problems with import / export? - k


alana himber
There is unfortunately no such, but there is a tolerable Navicat (there is free, lite vircia). We are waiting for Sequel Pro for Postgres.
I tried to work with him, yes Sequel Pro is probably the only thing I hope for. - jill l
I saw somewhere a plugin for Firefox.
Not an exit, I need a normal fat client. - garreth
then just wait for the Sequel. Well, or build FF without a browser ^ _ ^ - iranian
We work at pgAdmin. While arranging, although you need to get used to the interface
Even I missed the description%) It is necessary prosnutstso - catherine garcia
brian bowen
I wrote about him too ... - harun
Oops, sorry - lyall
liddy barlow
pgModeler try
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