Is there a master password in Google Chrome?

Asked byarchana

This refers to the ability to “protect personal information, such as stored passwords and certificates, by encrypting them using a master password” - as in Firefox.

And if this opportunity is missing - then why is such an obvious (I think) thing not implemented? Google-chrome


luigi antonio
Google's answer:
We’re coming out. This is a clear case for your decision making.
what is a true security guard in the browser according to Google, I wonder ... - kburgin
Locks on the doors also create a false sense of security? Hmm ... - peizhen
in google chrome there is no master password. but judging link will most likely be done sometime
As an extension - LastPass thing is excellent
liz lemon
Although here, Linux chrome uses kwallet or GNOME keyring to save passwords.
pamela clark
So what happens is not master password? The absence of this feature prevents me from becoming chrome in my browser. # 1
Yeah, it will not work. It is unlikely that something abruptly changed. - anna simpson
t s ferguson
Since then, things are still there ..
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