Can I change the error page to my own in Google Chrome?

Asked byben ihloff

Ie change the page "the browser failed to connect to the node, try the following" and the like on your own? And how to do it? The short run on Google and in the sources of Chromium did not bring any answer or hint. Has anyone set such a goal?


joe ziegenfuss
I think somewhere here -, somewhere in neterror.html
Thank you for the exact tip! Very similar to the fact, although it looks incomprehensible. It is strange that searching the repository for the word error did not give anything. - julia b
There is an idea to use chrome in kiosk-mode. I would like to have my own error page, with a large inscription “oh, something is broken” and the button “try again” or “home”. Well, your decoration :) - rachel nabors
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