The impact of the choice of CMS on the ranking?

Asked bybryan grover

Hello everyone!

We have a question in our studio that I would like to receive an answer, and just to hear your opinion on the basis of experience. Does the choice of content management system affect the ranking of the site by search engines? In particular, Yandex is interested.

There is an opinion that websites made on free CMS are worse in terms of ranking compared to commercial ones: on Wordpress, satellites and websites are often in a hurry, and on Bitrix (for example) more serious websites are usually made, since purchase of license.

Is there any difference? Now only the current conditions of Runet are interested.


alison blair
what I saw on bitrix and on any single wordpress in the worst nightmare was not seen!
Look at the Google official mana for promotion, there are only objective factors: the purity of the layout, the speed of work and the quality of resource renewal, and even at breinfake do it.
to be honest, under the bitrix did not see a single site, cleanly laid out))) for some reason, all the time, either with a huge number of tables, or something else) - rafael liz rraga
and why? patamusho carparathiff standard)))
Threat I am not against the tabular layout - I am very warm to her, all the same it all began.
ZZY and not against bitrix, I heard that somewhere there are pros who force him to fly - I am opposed to having 500 tanks paid for software, but the coder has squeezed 200 to make the site look human - jen s
j rgen
The first time I hear this. Even assuming that this is true ... how will the search engine determine the site's engine?
almost all known engines easily identify themselves when logging in to the admin panel or folder location, and more often than not, nobody steals with the change of this fact - kimmie white
chase graham
There is an opinion that some CMS with some themes (no matter purchased, custom, self-written or free ones and others) generate such a dirty code that the search engine cannot figure it out :) theme change - without significant visual changes but with a significant change in the quality of the layout
jeannie hunter
The main thing for Yandex is most likely content, not CMS.
marcie atkins
What is important for PS (including Yandex):

1) Valid code (i.e., the absence of gross errors, a clear structure, the absence of traces of "bad" optimization - cloaking, "point-like" links and other dodos);
2) The uniqueness of the content, the degree of its "re-optimized";

This is the first.

My experience tells me that no matter what kind of cms was taken as a basis. It is important that you continue to do with your website - whether you will increase the trust, periodically write unique. content, help PS to index and examine your site (xml sitemap, PS directories, add webmasters to panels, correct server setup for sending correct headers, etc.)

Tops have blogs on Wordpress, on Drupal ... along with commercial CMS.
But it is natural that any free CMS will have to be “finished”. At least with plug-ins to speed up and optimize work with the database)
By the way, buying a commercial system is not a guarantee that the code will be super good and correct.
+ Each project has its own specifics. A blog with a attendance of 250 unique people a day doesn’t have to bother with that.
But the online store should think about the speed of loading their pages, I think it is not necessary to explain why)
P.S .: Official statements from the PS about the fact that the download speed of the site will be one of the factors of ranking was not! But for some reason this year, the talk began that Google began to take this into account. Again, from my own experience I can say that no, this is not true. And even if this is a ranking factor, it is not so significant as to suffer over every line of code.
I haven't heard such conversations about Yandex (maybe they are, but I’m not responsible for their adequacy). - mohamed fouad
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