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Advise a book / books or materials on the web on Adobe InDesign (ideally, of course, in Russian), preferably in terms of prototyping and drawing site layouts?
Or any information to move from Photoshop to InDesign when developing site layouts.


Once I had to learn InDesign. And, do not believe it, it turned out to be done from scratch in 4 hours =)

By built in help.

Download in PDF can be from the site admin:

This is not just a help, but such a specific book of 800 pages. Almost every chapter has links to videos (from the lind or not, not up to date).

The first few general chapters are simply quick to read, and the remaining (specific) sections are already selective, according to the table of contents, what interests you. Well, then a couple more times to climb there along the way, if you have any questions.
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About InDesign is a great video course from
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Yes, the help is enough; and even easier at random (the buttons in most cases speak for themselves;)), and where it’s not clear or you need to find something definite - the wolves in the help.

Another question - why draw and even more to prototype in inDesign? This is a publishing system, typewriting books with magazines, there are all sorts of diplomas ... Most of its text layout features on the web are simply not available (and even HTML5 and css3 will not save here).

I am preparing layouts in Illustrator, because all vector rounded rectangle-squares are much more convenient to do there than in Photoshop, and every raster (icons, etc.) is linked into a file and edited from the outside already in a shop.
Prototyping - again - more convenient in balsamiq (simpler) or in ms expression blend (more features) ...
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Very quarked experience, went for the basics on There is a video course, quite thoroughly and cognitively. From the supplements - I saw some book on hot keys on the root tracker (search for the query “indesign”, of course) can also help.
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