iPad and Air Video

Asked bykareem

In the Air Video program, I read the following item: “Air Video works over local network and over internet (including 3G). However, it’s up to the port forwarding for you. Otherwise you will need to configure the port forwarding manually. "

Do I understand correctly that in this way, you can leave the computer turned on at home with the Air Video Server running, then connect to the computer via the Internet from an iPad and then watch movies on it.
Has anyone tried this? I did not succeed, though, I haven’t set up a router yet, as it says. I do not quite understand the mechanism of how the iPad will find my computer.


melanie hill
You understand correctly. I tried. He will find it by IP, of course.
Thank you, then I will confidently configure the router. Clarifying question. Do you have a paid version of Air Video? - michael thom
Yes, paid. - dan wong
I was able to connect and watch movies. I set the manual configuration and indicated the external ip of the computer. And earlier I went through the server name. - kara melissa
patricia powell
Only a “white” IP is needed. AirVideo can test the network to determine if it is accessible from the Internet.
For example, my computer is behind double NAT (provider and home), so this option is not available.
Thank you, now everything has fallen into place. - nathania
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