Is there an RSS for the q & a service in habra?

Asked byrowan sully

I wanted to subscribe to RSS link, but I didn’t find it. Is there any?


yelena zhelezov
feed: //
Thank you! - lnl6002
cheers! thank! - michael woodruff
The rss icon does not appear on top, therefore not yet.
dawn w
Try also link to monitor individual QA
you can mine through a google reader to do. he seems to be able to do for any site in general, if I am not mistaken.
In my opinion, this function somehow works crookedly.
Because for the site, it never worked, although it’s much easier than looking for updates - aditya adeeb
there, not just a google reader, but yahoo pipes. - elaine kern
it so far works only for English-language sites. - danica lorer
randy tatel
q, amp; a, - tags must be fixed ...
Removed this tag altogether. Habr campaign does not allow to put the symbol & in the labels. - ragini
peter leonard
I tried to do on feed43: habr-qa.
There is a possibility that not all readers will be updated normally, because The pubDate field for posts is not filled in any way, and how the guid is formed is also not known.
Screw in the coming days.
david nemeth
For the future - there is software that is useful, with a given frequency (at least every minute), any site to change parsit. Without rss you can follow the changes on any pages.
yahoo pipes, for example! _Pipes

well or page2rss - jonathan woahn
and what will be the URL of the feed in this case? - tazeen
farzaneh moradi
I would also like to get the mobile version of the Q & A blog on MJ-Habré:
for example, to this (obvious) address: (now there is a 404 page).
I use MJ Habr as a news feed. And, in a Q & A blog, I have to “squeak heart” open a heavier “full” version in opera mini.
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