GxNeur - Is the demon falling off?

Asked bykirsty ellinor

After switching to version 0.9.9-1, the demon began to fall off after some time. That is, gxNeur works and displays the checkbox of the current layout, and xneur dies, leaving behind a gray check mark.

After restarting the daemon, everything becomes good, but then you notice that it does not work again.

At link this is sort of like the most recent version. The problem occurs, judging by the google, but I never found a universal solution.

Debian Squeeze System.

So it goes.


vinh nguyen
The latest stable version bug. The SVN is already fixed.
It helped, but in order not to litter the system, I collected packages from svn. It is a pity, of course, that the turnips are still a basic version. - steve doroslovac
cori mesenger
Option 1. Trying to build from svn and see what happens, maybe already fixed.
Option 2. In the settings (.xneur / xneurrc) set the LogLevel parameter to Debug, run xneur in the console and wait for it to fall. In theory, it will be written there - why.
Thank you for the second option. I will test it now. That's just for each option or advice takes a lot of time. Perhaps that is why there is no specific solution for this version - just do not try a bunch of tips. - jorge de la vega
Emergency Termination. Memory Map with a large number of specified lib. While I myself can not understand. - samantha walsh
just falls off after a while? There is a known problem, which is that it falls off after going to hibernation - can this be the case?
That's right: there is no pattern. You can run a demon and do nothing: it will last for a long time, but it dies anyway. And you can start and use auto-switching: in this case, as I noticed, it falls off much faster.

In hibernation the car does not go away - it works around the clock. I suffer for a long time. - andrew fechner
In essence, I have nothing to say, but I want to test that there are comments here - scott finazzo
Well, then I think it is better to ask the authors for link or install a version from SVN - jessica tice
amy barlow
OpenSUSE 11.2 tezhe troubles - suffered for a long time, put the latest version. After collected from source codes, - began to work with a bang.
As far as I noticed, at 11.3 it does not fall anymore. At least I don't notice it. - jasslyn
At 11.3 really does not fall - checked. - lisalis
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