Flash & amp; ActionScript: where to start?

Asked byboon hong

There is a desire to learn Flash and Actionscript. Current skills - PHP, Bash, SQL ...
Tell me, please, where to start, what to read - and what kind of software is needed?

The ultimate primary goal - the creation of web applications. - p


becky webb
First you need to say that since AS3, flash has a wonderful free reference database, the best one I know of. Therefore, you need to start with it. The first thing you should turn to, even if you know nothing at all, is the book (also available in Russian) “PROGRAMMING ON ACTIONscript 3.0” (http://bit.ly/9oRs6H). After reading it, you can already write full applications.

Next you need to decide on the development tool. If you are an animator, then AdoB Flash CS is more convenient, perhaps, nothing. But, if you are a programmer, then a whole fleet of paid and free tools is available. These include the Powerflasher FDT (paid), the Realaxy Actionscript Editor from our own developers and the free SEPHY. But my favorite is FlashDevelop, a free editor based on Eclipse, reliable, easy, fast and thought out to the last detail, in general must see.

And I would not advise starting the study with Flex - it's like eating your hands with dumplings. It seems convenient, but there will always be inconveniences. Not to mention the fact that Flex is an application development tool with a user interface, its code is translated into as3 and then compiled.

You can also go to https://freeriatools.adobe.com/, say that you are a student and get the licensed version of Flash Builder for non-commercial use.
FlashDevelop is not based on Eclipse, but is written separately in C # if we are talking about the same FlashDevelop - www.flashdevelop.org/ - jennifer zellinger
Yes, indeed, I confused with FB. - lindsay campbell
nikki wilson
read Colin Mook - Actionscript 3.0 for Flash
Software - Powerflasher FDT
book, um ..., for people whose AS is the first programming language. To blunt 7 chapters to learn how to compile is a bit much. - phyra
jen paton
Read: Essential Actionscript 3.0 by Colin Moock ISBN-10: 0-596-52694-6, Actionscript 3.0 Cookbook by Joey Lott, Darron Schall, Keith Peters ISBN: 0-596-52695-4

A good free editor: www.flashdevelop.org/downloads/releases/FlashDevelop-3.2.2-RTM.exe
jolanta jolanciukas
. You can start with the simpler - Adobe Flex. It depends on what you want to do in the flash! If the animation is, then you definitely need to learn Adobe Flash, and if web applications, then it is better (read easier) to use Flex
liza shats
flasher.ru/forum there is an example of creating a toy painted in the AC3 forum, everything is clearly written. I advise.
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