Who can advise the manual for setting up a server for mass mailings (not spam)?

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There is a site that sends correspondence by subscription. However, there are so many letters that the mail server is on gray lists.
Are there any rules for setting up a server / domain?

Spam with? ;) - priya kanaparti
Not spam mailing - sending reminders to clients about changing conditions. - toni harmer
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annabel schnitzer
you must be registered for the domain ptr-record (correct).
the rest do not care how many letters you drive.
Gray lists - this is a technology to combat spam, they do not fall specifically for any action.
Fall into the white lists - as trustworthy pochtri.
Fall into black - like untrustworthy pochari.

If the mail system works with gray lists, all those who are not in white / black fall into these gray lists.

About the settings:
As noted by the respected amario, you need a valid writeback.
It goes without saying the correct MX record.
Well, in order to HELO / EHLO mail system gave the correct data.
You can add an SPF record, it can be considered a plus for reliability :)

As for the mailings themselves: many systems calculate the likelihood of a letter being “spammed” - evaluating it against a list of signs with different weights.
For example, if the mailing list is sorted alphabetically, the letter earns extra points.
In fact, such a situation can be neutralized by the mailing system, through dosed, smart mailing.

(Up to 620,000 emails per day passed through my mail system, but we got blacklisted no more than once every 2-3 months, and then only on mail.ru) - j m filipowicz
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