How to view MS SQL Server 2000 objects in MS SQL SMS 2008 R2 Express similar to viewing them in QA?

Asked byheidi geers

Unfortunately, SMS 2008 R2 Express refuses to show SQL 2000 database objects, citing the lack of rights to the sysusers.

The administrator is not eager to give rights to select.

Is it possible to add functionality to the SMS 2008 environment for working with the SQL 2000 database in Object Explorer, similar to the standard Query Analyzer bundled with the 2000 version.

I work under Windows 7, which already leads to problems when installing QA itself (now it is under a virtual machine with VB6). But, the main reason for this question, which is simply more convenient in the new environment. A nice bonus would be the appearance of auto substitution.

I installed a trial version of the program from Red Gate and everything worked fine, it was quite feasible, but I did not find free software solutions. The application to the management was for the purchase of the product, but this is only for the next year and not a fact that they approve.

I would be grateful for the answers. Thank!


dana roquet
A complete solution to the problem, unfortunately I don’t know, but I want to warn you:
In the combination, the client “MS SQL Server 2008 R2” and the server “MS SQL Server 2000” will not work in any case. This requires 2008 and the client and server.
tricia eccher
Solution: change the database administrator;)
In fact, I don’t understand why TOT admin resisted access to the required fields so much. We do not need all sysusers! Now it all works.
And, yes, auto substitution and other buns of intellectuals are not expected to work.
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