How to make HTML table from 3D bricks?

Asked bylisa carter

I am making up to link:


But you want something like this:


Tell me, please, how. Maybe you can somehow apply 84665294 of CSS3? Or maybe someone saw and prompted the link where it was already successfully rolled up, and I will sort it out further and copy it.

elements should be clickable? - darren sie
no, not necessarily - stephani kuehn


pete schwartz
It is a little disappointing that the left answer, which proposes to abandon the undertaking, receives +4, and after the correct (my, aha) answer, the author also doubts “If not CSS”. Well, okay, what. I have to chew and put in my mouth:
ana clara
I can’t get rid of the idea that maybe it makes sense to make the whole diagram a picture. The size will be small, and make it easier to order.
I want to draw diagrams in a descriptive language.

For example, it is often required to translate inscriptions, or to clarify any brick for a specific customer. Sometimes there may be a desire to modify the card.

And Powerpoint is a proprietary product, I want to use it less. If not CSS, then maybe there is some convenient Javascript library for drawing such diagrams? - mohamad
You can use css3-property transform: skew. You will have to use either 3 elements each, or use the before and after pseudo-elements. It is also necessary to somehow overcome the problem of overlapping the lower elements on the upper ones. For example, make all position: relative elements decrease the z-index from top to bottom.
Maybe svg / vml there seems to be extrusion there.
bonnie tharp
Look like this:
I wanted to write a comment to the answer, I missed. - caroline crabbe
You were slightly interested in the JS libraries for drawing diagrams.
I found two topics that describe quite a decent amount of such libraries. I hope that among them you can find the right one.
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