How to create your input type in modx 2.0 Revo?

Asked bykiara

In Modx, it is possible to choose the type of input field when creating tv-parameters: picture, number, text and others. I noticed that some additional packages put their input fields. But I still do not understand how it is possible to create my own customized input fields in the system. Enlighten?

in RTFM in fact there is information, but there is only how to create. It is not clear how several fields can be made in one type. Documentation is silent. Who faced? - d


vanessa falzoi
as if link, or meaning something else?
well, in fact, it seems like what you need. thank! we'll figure out. - kristen
mark pratt russum
System - & gt; content types - & gt; new content type.
in MIME-type it is very easy to google for your type (for example xls mime or content type xls)
But one subtlety, if you specify the type of binary - for some reason the file is not downloaded when you create a document of your type. It is necessary for everyone to remove the daw of the binari. When you create a document you put on the settings tab - Content Disposition: attachment and choose your created type. Then it will be downloaded.
Oh, sorry, the offtop turned out, did not finish reading ... - sara liliana
yes. this is a little wrong. It meant types of parameters in TV-parameters, but not types for documents. - anu ritz
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