Advise a piece of iron for redirecting a landline phone to a mobile phone via gsm sim card

Asked byjodi l

There is a landline phone, I would like to have a “magic box” that forwarded all incoming calls via gsm sim card to another mobile phone. The ability to do the same with sip accounting is also desirable. Who knows if there is such a device in the world?


robert crawson
Googling for example such a device:

Call Forwarding (only with dual-frequency band support):
 - PSTN incoming call will be transmitted over GSM channel
 - GSM in PSTN, using the function of dialing, you can enter any authorized number.
 - Incoming GSM call will be transferred to PSTN.

But SIP alas no.
Hmm, in theory, you can combine it with the SIP gateway. And for this, it may seem like a cheaper thing
Cheap SIP gateway can be bought from the Chinese on eBay for 700-800 rubles (Linksys PAP2, in my opinion). - jonathan goff
Thank you, this is already something, though device prices bite. If I find a cheap solution, then I will share the result. - karen eckberg
An interesting question, however, look here at link seller. Sea devices by sabzh. He glanced briefly - I did not see that one device combines all that is required. But for example, the price for Gempro GP-530 is low, plus a cell phone with bluetooth, which is a simple, well, SIP gateway is more free - you can conjure a scheme you need. - jessica vantielcke
Planet VIP-281GS will not fit your needs ??
alondra lopez
And why a piece of iron? What is not satisfied with the usual redirection, which is available to both subscribers of gsm networks and wireline subscribers?
Forwarding is available only to subscribers of EATN (Electronic Automatic Telephone Exchanges). In Moscow, these are still less than half. So far, there is nothing else but a stupid device that would immediately dial a mobile phone number when you receive a call, cannot be offered to such subscribers.
In this topic, there is a monstrous solution using Asterisk, and the redirection to the mobile is via sip, not gsm. In general, from the cannon on the sparrows. I would like a box for which even the Internet is potentially not required. - marvi
Perfect, but expensive. I have so far found a solution, but without SIP. TelecomFM Cell-STD analog GSM gateway costs 3,500.
If someone faces a similar problem, then I solved it differently.

Namely, I still started the asterisk server, it is connected to it by the Linksys 3000 (PSNT to SIP) and Huawei E1550 (SIP to GSM, GSM to anywhere).

The decision is not easy, but very interesting. You just need to read “Asterisk. The future of telephony ", climb a bunch of forums, and spend about a month of free time setting up with the study :) But it is interesting and expandable!
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