What software for security testing is optimal in terms of price / performance ratio?

Asked bykaly gomez

Perhaps you are already using some tool to test the security of web applications and can recommend it?


muhammad emam
Nessus, HP Webinspect, IBM Rational AppScan.
I really like the last one.
IBM Rational AppScan
Suggested Retail Price *:
USD $ 33,500.00 - rindy girl
in reality, good discounts are made by partners. For a large company, this is a low price, the scanner is really gorgeous. The author asked:
Maybe you are already using some kind of tool for testing web application security and can recommend it? I answered. - nikki mccoy
gary cabana
Hacker Vasya. Recommend. Artificial intelligence is not pulling, and the exploit base alone is not enough.
Looking what security. For example:

skipfish - A fully automated, active web application reconnaissance tool - code.google.com/p/skipfish/
And what to do next with him? in the same place source codes swing in Downloads. Is it necessary to compile? - zivush
Those who need this level of software know what to do with it. README and instructions there is not it? - christine landry briggs
debra l
Of the free ones, besides the skipfish already mentioned, there are also quite good Websecurify and w3af.
I advise you manually. If you need help, write.
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