Prompt the best tool for implementing an Internet project

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Task: Educational Internet project. Quite a lot of graphics and reactions to user actions, while the main algorithms are executed on the server, the user profile and his training successes are also stored there.
1. Is Flash the best implementation option?
2. If the project succeeds, I would like to be able to take into account the high load on the server (hundreds of hits per second), although theoretically you can certainly raise several servers. However, what effective mechanisms on the server side to choose (DB (given the high volume of insert / update operations) + return results).

You can answer the questions separately, I am now interested in everything.

Tell us about yourself (your team) that you already know what you worked on. So it will be easier to answer. - a


alanoud anna
Choose the technologies that your team best understands.
If you are alone, and with experience still tight - find yourself a guru. And do it on the platform on which he specializes.

This is the only way I know not to leave the project halfway through.
thaddeus croyle
About a flash - you need to weigh what features you need (if your guru is not a flash). Without knowing the parameters of your project, I would say that the flash needs a maximum for video and audio (well, maybe a heavy animation). Cons - no browser indexing, and many other pitfalls such as bookmarks at a specific URL.
The flash is already indexed, unless explicitly denied. I did somehow a website with flash games, so I did not register it in robots so far - I received a bunch of text from games in the issue on the site. Bookmarks are implemented through anchors (which are after the grid). The main minus of the flash, as it seems to me, is the capture of the keyboard (for example, F5 does not work as expected) and the problem is on iDevices. - shira gitlin
dr savage
& gt; 1. Is Flash a better implementation?

You can still look in the direction of silverlight. To build RIA web applications is great.
Plus, you can make a desktop and a mobile version of the application with minimal rework.
is fraught with the loss of some visitors, even those who use default os - john prechtl
michelle marino
Flash - this is not kosher in the 21st century.

Most likely, you just need simple javascript (jQuery) and css3.

Well, the server side can even do something ... Probably the easiest thing about php + is a good framework.
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