Advise books on the basics of UI

Asked byshelley sykes

Lord, advise the literature on the basic concepts of creating user interfaces. It is possible both in Russian and in English.


ahmed zewail
"Interface: new directions in the design of computer systems" Jeff Raskin
most important book on interfaces - aristogama inounu
350 p. link - gloria lyons
kalyani vallath
I recommend to get acquainted with this link.
And in Russian? Or something that you can hold in your hands? - jerry peterson
gary wernham
Web Design: The Book of Jess Garrett. Elements of Interaction Experience

Design for non-designer R Williams

Information Architecture on the Internet, 2nd Edition

Web Design: Steve Circle Book, 2nd Edition

Mental hospital in the hands of patients Alan Cooper

Jeff Raskin's interface

Mythical man month

Web Design: Web site usability by Jacob Nielsen

Web Design: Book by Jacob Nielsen

Tidwell user interface development

Kovodstvo, Lebedev

Information architecture. Drawings for the site. Wadtke

A practical guide to the design and development of the Torres user interface

Typography: font, layout, design Felici

Interface design mandel

Web Design: Dmitry Kirsanov's book

Software development. Constantine, Lockwood
joy martin
Alan Cooper "About the interface".

I bought it in the book for 1500 p, then found link for 850. :(

Now I read. This is not really the basics of the interface, but something more. Be sure to read before reading books about interfaces.

And for those who doubt the fairness or expediency, Cooper has an argument book, “The mental hospital in the hands of patients.”
It’s worth starting with “mental hospitals in the hands of patients” by Alan Cooper - this thing will set your brains in the right position. Then you can read anything. - aukje
I thought, be sure to meet Max in this issue, and here, in fact, I met 8-) Sorry for the offtopic. The "mental hospital" is really smart and is highly recommended reading. At one time, this book was read by the entire TM office. - nicola
Hi Deniskin! :-) - patti matula
yeah, I read the mental hospital in the hands of patients. After her, and wanted more specifics. Thank. - joseph griffiths
About the interface - this is the best solution for anyone who is at least somehow connected with the development of UI. - doriya
It is strange that no one mentioned here the wonderful and very, I would say, Vlad Golovach air book “The Art of Washing an Elephant”.
kay johnston
In this link you can find good books
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