How not to get into SPAM?

Asked byruby straaten

Good day to developers and system administrators.

Recently, emails sent from my server to simply did not reach recipients. Even spam letters do not come.

I would like to know what needs to be done in order not to fall into SPAM at all and that letters always reach recipients?

SPF, DKIM, what else do you need? PRT also need it?

I have a situation like this at the moment, I have a and a personal account for a client at

And here I send letters from the personal cabinet as @ as sender, and this is a different server and another IP.

In order for letters on behalf of @ to be quietly sent from the server, I only need to register the SPF? Or something else?


unclepappy wolf
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The problem with unfortunately failed to solve. Letters even in SPAM do not fall.
Now we use Amazon SES and have encountered other problems, some letters in the letters are replaced with question marks, sometimes some pictures in the letter do not open. - angela polidoro
I created SPF and DKIM for all domains from which emails are sent. After that, the problem is almost solved. No complaints are received.

In one project solved the problem by connecting Amazon SES. - karen rosati
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