How to choose a license?

Asked bygigi finney

There is a written application. I want to distribute it as Freeware, but I do not want to open the source. Which license to choose?


I’m on the left, I posted it wrongly: D read - george kemi
thanks, of course, but Unix has nothing to do with me)) - jonathan gierman
or rather, probably this - anh lyjordan
Antoniero, and here Unix? A license is a legal document, no matter what OS your application will run under. - kelly conley
edenmary black
If you don’t like CreativeCommons licenses, there’s always a Freeware license:
The program is delivered "as is", the entire responsibility for using this program rests entirely with its users, the author is not responsible for the results of the program and also for moral or material damage that may occur as a result of its use.
kimberly denz
BSD of course :)
For the minus I will explain: this is a really free license - if you want, give the sources, if you want - do not. You can modify as you like, include in your closed products. The only thing you can’t do is call yourself the author of someone else’s program. - bryarly
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