Telephony for an office in Moscow?

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Now the office uses the virtual phone number "Allo Incognito", which can be divided into three lines, not more. You need an extension, but it is not clear how to choose the best option.


 - The solution must be Internet independent (or continue to function with limited functionality after the network is turned off);

 - Incoming and outgoing lines - from 4 to 12;

 - Calls in Moscow, there is no intercity;

 - A beautiful number is desirable;
UPD: - The number must remain with the company after the move.

It is clear that the proposals on the multichannel telephone sea. I would like to hear specific solutions to the problem and feedback on the stability of communication: for example, an idle hour per month is unacceptable. What is better to use for the office?


jill giles
Try Mango Office ( - I have more than a year, I am satisfied, the flight is normal.

Whenever possible, it works for me using the SIP protocol, on an “iron” phone. If I leave somewhere, switch it to a cell phone, that is, it works without the Internet.

You make a queue of redirects there, it will work as you would like to - first dial into the office via the Internet, if it fails, call back to the city or cellular.
I support a very good office - we use it. - brenton
elizabeth plunkett
We have a BAZA Office, 5,000 rubles a month for five (seemingly) lines. Calls to Moscow city and cell phones for free. But as I understand it it will not work for you, it is ip-telephony.
And what kind of a tariff for 5000 rubles with calls to the cellular?
I did not find something in the description ... - percy
camille pag n
Comstar solutions may be suitable -
or Rostelecom -

Proven time and number of clients office, working for a long time.
Thank you.
The problem is not to find a service that is suitable functionally, but to get feedback from those who have had specific cooperation experience. I really do not want to change the service provider in six months, because the number is often attached to it. - danika
I will add a voice (I can’t plus it) for Logic Line - the second business is on it, the flight is normal! - deva
For many years we have been using the services of the company Unilink ( - satisfied, look, perhaps you will be interested. And the fares are not bad.
and in which area you are located? - seema
Everything is in section link on the website - mstrat13
jen armenta
I do not know about the possibilities of your organization and your location directly, but try TTK.
I do not know more stable provider.

I have been present in several offices, falling at the maximum for the same hour over a period of six months. those. By your criteria, this is 6 times better than your minimum criterion. (one channel for 3 years fell 1 time for 20 minutes. but this is true, Vpn between cities of 300 km.)
I also advise you to organize such a thing as a backup channel, and with the same TTK to agree on access from outside to the gate keeper that you will, voip to provide ...
to clarify this point without fail when you organize ...
Thank you. Does it fall “just like that” or at peak loads, for example, before the New Year? They have a feature of - khairunnisa nakathorige
in that their optics lie along railway lines, and there, treasure hunters, hunters, and others. Random symptoms of line breaks occur much less frequently than other transport workers.
they don’t experience the load (or rather you don’t notice it in 99%) it’s not the level of providers, it’s transport workers, when I’d talked about more stable I didn’t mean: Rostelecom, sinter, equant, ... (forgive me guys from these organizations :) ) at the price, by the way, they will be cheaper than Rostelecom. it is a fact but not cheap either ... - amanda stoddard rowan
We have now ordered, the amount is 1999 rubles for unlimited calls in Russia, which is convenient for an online store. Another 1000 rubles - rent a Moscow room, free incoming. We test about a week - while everything is pleasant.
I support. We use the second year - no problem. Additional lines do as you like (at least at the per-minute rate). - whitney la rocca
The problem with the fall of the Internet:
1. incoming communication - set forwarding (on the operator’s side - their choice is really large) to a group of mobile numbers - the reaction of the operator’s technical support is important here, since if the Internet falls into your personal account, you will not enter.
2. outgoing connection - in the office to install a gateway with an FXO port (you must have PSTN sockets in the office) and in case of Internet drop, pass calls through this line (possible by dialing, for example, through “0”), but the number will not be displayed anymore .
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