How to solve the problem with the coding in conjunction Evolution + Exchange 2007?

Asked byemalee debevoise

Moved from Win7 to Ubuntu Lucid. But since the entire infrastructure in the office is built on Microsoft products, the question of working with mail, calendar, contacts, etc. has arisen. Exchange 2007.

Installed Evolution. Friends through mapi with Exchange. Everything would be wonderful, but instead of the Russian-language folder names, the symbols of the questions. The same thing in the texts of letters. Has anyone been able to solve this problem?

Via imap the same? - manduca sexta
I did not try imap through it, since it is not enabled on the server and the admin will have to be kicked for a long time. In any case, the task is to force work through mapi. - maruthi


jenn bahr
Not at all. Long found an open bug on this topic. Then I solved the problem by running imap on the server and connecting the contacts via ldap.
You can try link
or use the web-interface of the exchanger - rachel michelson
In general, it initially works through OWA. Since 2003 it worked perfectly. In 2007, something was changed and transferred to MAPI, but crooked. The link that was given above is just an adapter, which, it seems, works with the OWA 2007th Exchange. - kjones
Hell, hoping that someone had solved the problem on Habré. Have to use DavMail and OWA. - raine szramski
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