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Good afternoon.

We need a CMS for the store, however heaped up, but with one and only one necessary feature.
There is a product consisting of individual whole goods (set). For example, a ring and earrings. It is presented on the showcase as one product unit, but when entering the product page, each component is shown as a separate product with its own options and bells and whistles, and added to the basket it is added as two separate products. For example, in the ring I indicate a pebble - an emerald, and in the earrings - diamonds with sapphires :), and I can also indicate a different sample. And then I'll go to the basket and change the quantity in each component.
If anyone came across such solutions, I would be grateful for the tip.


yousra abdo
Drupal + Ubercart
There are types of materials "Product" and "Box set". Each product may have its own options and bells and whistles (attributes of the goods). Each Box Set can consist of any products. When buying a Box Set, you can select attributes for each product.
Looks like this is what you need. I'll see today, thanks for the tip. - zunail
bindi lassige
Option to try Magento. There is a similar built-in functionality. - a group of products, I can not say if I can specify the options. Need to try. Each product is added to the cart separately - bundle item, added to cart as one. Each option on the base passes as a separate product.

In addition, you can also use "custom options" - the product will be one, and the options visually look like a bundle.
I rummaged a bit in the admin panel. Products in the kit can be included, but the options for each included product, it seems, you can not choose As well as show a picture for each component. Of course, there remains a hypothetical opportunity to finish it or even just dig deeper. If this is possible, then it will be even preferable to the Drupal, as this is only a shop. Thanks for the links. - siobhan
There are plug-ins that display pictures of the attributes (eg colors). - lena juncaj
Pictures are good, but I need interactive attributes, this is unfortunately a prerequisite. - kaiya
anja manning
Joomla + VIRTUEMART + to finish planning for the necessary functionality.
I did not see the functionality.
Most likely you will have to take a file and finish the functionality.

Or as an option to change the visual presentation of the product structure.
Those. do this:
1) the main category (all options are sets of rings and earrings from all manufacturers)
2) subcategory (cleopatra rings and earrings)
3) in the subcategory, goods are already separate (rings and earrings in variations)
Categories-subcategories are not suitable, the requirements are as follows: product + product = product: ( - eileen oviatt
michael angell
as it stupidly suggests itself
1) kit
2) a pack of links to the components ... and igraiso
will be as hostile as you can use Wordpress + any of the Shop modules both paid and free. The benefit of any of them can be sharpened for themselves.
robert matheson
, you can still look at ExpressionEngine + CartThrob (the module is only available for the 1.6.x version of EE, but promise for the second one ... EE2 is written in CI), but the license can be expensive
Alas, the last phrase immediately put everything in its place :) But for the future I will consider, if you suddenly need it. Thank you. - bilal ali
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