Search Engines have indexed the link with the port - What is the best way to prevent port indexing?

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Hello colleagues!
Decided to protest new service habr a difficult question, most likely, to experts on SEO. In general, there is a website, and there is also a port for testing new items - 8808. So the problem is that Yandex and Google indexed several pages like instead of and these pages are in the top your requests. Is there a way to somehow prohibit port indexation and preferably without a significant loss in the issue?


rebecca wilson
times indexed - then something like they found out about them, eliminate the cause, and put a permanent redirect to the site on the normal port ...
robots.txt file of the form
User-Agent: *
 Host: 80

It prohibits indexing non-80 port
Yandex put this on, waited several months for the host to change to no www via robots. Then he spat, and forcibly in .htaccess did www- & gt; without www, only then the domain was changed in the issue. - alec hutson
has just been tested by webmasters with the Yandex test. Reporting what works.
- vedad famourzadeh
. It is better to make a rule that a normal redirect with code 301 makes from this port, its search engines understand and work correctly.
I join, I wrote about this above and wrote that only through the redirect rule from 301 I managed to get what I wanted, no robots helped. - cortney gardner
Thank you all, we will try.
brittany franklin
And if in Yandex was indexed, and Host: how to exclude the first URL from the index? ..
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