[maven] use absent in the repositories of the library

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Good day ...
I want to make a Java application with a JWT-based web interface (http://www.webtoolkit.eu/jwt),
while using maven as the build system. But I faced the fact that there is no JWT in its repositories, so the question is how can you manually add the library to the project on maven? If it matters, then IDE - NetBeans 6.9.1


robin zody
You should manually download the JWT library and add it to the maven repository on your computer.
Most likely this directory is here: C: \ Documents and Settings \% user% \. M2
And then in the pom.xml register this library as a dependency.
Thank you, helped ... - lacey priest
Alternatively, you can add a dependency entry with arbitrary attributes such as an artifact group and a version to the memorial. After that, a library marked as missing will appear in the netbins, you can manually download the local jar file for this library using the right button. At the same time, it will go to the local repository and be picked up in the program.
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