Can I use the free basic package from Google for a small company?

Asked bymyriam

There is such an offer from Google

Question: If I have a small company for 2-4 people, can I use it for free without buying a professional package?

I choose between them and the offer from Yandex


janet severn
Of course you can! It is not necessary to buy a paid version. Yandex has no work on documents, only mail, this is a minus. When “grow up” you can buy the paid version without problems. under the link conditions of service.
It depends on what you need for the company. We have a small company of 10-15 people (web-studio). Enough basic package.
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 - Google dox internal - all sorts of plans and reports.
question in kosher: can I use the basic package if I am a commercial organization (in this case an LLC for 2-4 people). - damaduende
cindy turner
You somehow read sucks. Free it is possible to use for com. organizations.
I use :-)
Ban on commercial use is not found. So - “What is not forbidden is allowed!” :-)
For example, package link Basic and free.
john morris
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You can. I myself keep a couple of domains on Google.
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