Asterisk better to raise on FreeBSD or Linux?

Asked byrachel segall

Hello everyone!
Subject. FreeBSD knows much better, from Linux I know more or less Debian.
In the server with * except for additional ezernet controllers, nothing is planned to be stuck. Analogue from the city comes to the Asteroid channel bank, according to TDMoE given *. At the same time, 20-30 calls are planned for the city & lt; - & gt; sip (G 711) clients inside.
and what iron for this thing to take?


IMHO easier to use ready-made assemblies (for example, trixbox which is based on CentOS). I will explain why. Because the finished assembly was tested for compatibility of all modules, if you need to upgrade to the new version, most of the configs will not break and everything will still work.
But load is important here. 20-30 calls with us calm keep on P4. If a large load, redundancy, etc. then yes, it is better to configure everything from scratch yourself.
You can still look at this principle I have. - lucy powrie
in trixbox freepbx is used as a webmord - ger burns
melissa orsburne
Yes, download the skill. Help will be needed - contact us at - there are a lot of Asterisk specialists who are more than the topic.
Over time, I am sure that the system will grow, moreover, it will take 8-12 calls to record conversations as well. As a platform, I intend to take an IBM x3200 M3 (4 Gb RAM, 2 SATA HDD), I think that will be enough even if the system doubles.
I bow, nevertheless, to a choice in favor of Linux. As far as I understand, it is native for linux)
katie murray
Linux is unique.

If you succeed - read the forums of asteriskers, on which the lovers of fryah encounter atypical problems. They are on the forums called FreeBSDM-shchiki, as true fans of BDSM.
Thank you, already convinced. I will install Debian, there is a MAZ to smoke Linux at a new level =)
Skills so to speak raise. - zankar
whitney myers
Ay thanks! I know, here is another forum, good.
My friend Asterisk special, uses Debian and says that the developers themselves recommend it.

In general, depending on what tasks, if you just call the server, it can handle any OS.
brad l
The choice of Linux has already been made, the guys in the second part of the question please note =))
With iron there is some uncertainty.
alan simpson
DL360 G3 + Druid OSI. most it. on fryahe not to do - there sekas with codecs and in general everything. If hunting sekas sting - then debian. If you want even harder with all sorts of perversions - FreeBSD.

My personal server on the box, to work on the druid.
laura anderson
It seems that the DL360 G3 for such purposes is too much, and even 1U it, if something is bought into it, it will be a trouble.
Perhaps enough and IBM x3200 M3 (4 Gb RAM, 2 SATA HDD)
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