Free hosting panel for FreeBSD

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And advise her, please? Criteria: work under frey, preferably in the jail. Paid ones are not suitable due to the small number of clients and the low probability that they will increase greatly in the foreseeable future. So far I have found Domain Technologie Control (DTC), but some kind of it is low-maintenance and overloaded with features (IMHO).


abigail v
Omega ispcp look.
heba abbas
amanda harbin
Recommended ISPConfig: not stated, but possible link.
ISPConfig (including the 3rd version) has Russian localization, but with Russian documentation of the problem, there is a translation FAQ ISPConfig.
As an option - sysCP, a good panel and link possible.
deb maine
Webmin + add-ons ... no other free alternatives
There are. ISPConfig ... True, I’m not sure if it’s going to work properly on FreeBSD - it’s not in the list of supported systems, although in theory FreeBSD has a layer for running linux packages ... - yanyao
amanda wilkins
but in general - ispmanager lite from 1000 rubles costs.
It is possible for 600+ to buy - sebastian delmont
Well, this is an acquaintance and from those who threw $ 5000 + in the affiliate program. There are now conditions have changed greatly for partners.

In public - I have seen from 1000. - justin henri
I bought without acquaintance with fastvps. Judging by their site, it is still possible.
- ghracena
free - webmin
paid - ISPmanager
Vesta good free panel
Only now Fryahu does not like. - aaron blohowiak
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