How to connect a desktop computer (Windows XP) to the Internet, available on a mobile phone (Android: HTC Desire), via Bluetooth?

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Given: HTC Desire mobile phone operating under the control of the “raw” (unpatched, non-rooted) Android 2.1 operating system. It has a mobile Internet (Tele2 EDGE).

It is necessary: ​​to connect a desktop computer running Windows XP to a mobile phone (and this means also to the Internet is the main thing). Replace the operating system, please do not offer. The computer is equipped with a Bluetooth key fob, via Bluetooth and it needs to be connected. (USB-cord connection is a trivial task, but please do not reduce it. We are talking about switching to wireless technology with the freedom of relative positioning of devices.)

Known solutions: PdaNet (from some also imposed to read and write SMS, ostensibly to send and receive them from a large computer), EasyTether (full version - 10 bucks).

There are other ways?


lance morcan
As far as I remember, when connecting to a phone, XP suggests using it as a modem (if in Bluetooth this is permissible for this model). Accordingly, you are setting up a dial-up connection through this modem, the login, password and dial-up phone can be viewed at the opsox. XP can not automatically see these parameters, so that will have pens.
The result is a ready connection. He chopped up the phone by BT, clicked to connect - the connection went.
kelly fitz
A bluetooth principled? With a radius of 5 meters, it does not give the notorious freedom of location, as well as slower than wifi and cable, and in general is not intended for tesering.
For Desire, the same official update was released to 2.2 Froyo, where there is a standard Wifi hotspot function.
rakesh satyal - the very first link when you google bluetooth windows.
On my win7 - I stuck the adapter, the drivers were installed, the tray now has the icon of the broom, which opens the list with my phones. A double click on any one establishes an edge-connection with an operator (at which point I set up connections, I don’t remember).
If you are ready to commit, what is possible through
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