Advise content management system for Rails 3

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I need to embed CRUD pages with text into the project, so that the administrator can edit them, insert an image, and so on. Something low-level is desirable so that it is well integrated into the project.
While looking at Refinery, but can there be other good ones? Needed for Rails 3.


Not sure if this is what you need, but I use Radiant myself. Low level, rails3. It works pretty fast.
Something I do not like about Radiant, that there is its own template engine. And markdown or textile, it’s still not WYSIWYG, it’s going to be hard to teach the end user to use it. Although I, as an IT student, would have it) In general, I will go read about the Radiant. - amanda deleon
agrees radiantcms is an excellent choice. plus is also a lot of plug-ins to it - joseph colyer
there you can install the template engine - jennifer scott
joe lin
Well, then choose from the list: RubyToolbox/CMS
Although, as for me, it is much faster to make CRUD pages for a specific project, then work for a maximum of 1 day, even taking into account screwing CKEditor and integrating links from the CNC to these pages in the menu.
BrowserCMS looks nice.
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