Examples of Openvz user_beancounters

Asked bytiffany carter

I'm going to chop the server into containers. Interest examples of tariff plans on OpenVZ, namely cat / proc / user_beancounters


diane chang
I will not give examples, I will give advice.
The main parameters of the change in the direction of increasing the tariff plan:
kmemsize - from 20M
privvmpages - actually our memory here, I make the soft: hard 150: 200% of the stated on the site.
numproc - it is desirable to limit, yeah, but not much. to a thousand.

Next is meant that overselling will not be
vmguarpages = privvmpages
oomguarpages = privvmpages
tcpsndbuf, tcprcvbuf - more memory, more buffers
about 500 numtcpsock will suffice
Othersockbuf - here are Unix sockets (mysql) in this buffer!
numothersock - similar to

It is necessary in general to set and monitor / proc / user_beancounters on HN for improvement. And look for your limits.
leslie c
There was a vzsplit script that gave an approximate config based on the number of virtual locks and available memory.
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