Where in St. Petersburg to buy a laptop or e-book?

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It happened so that in Belarus there was suddenly some economic, if not a crisis, then a pit for sure. In this regard, not quite adequate prices have become somewhat less adequate. It is possible to buy electronics in St. Petersburg, but I do not know of any sensible store there. Help links, please.

From iron look at:

1) Nook color

2) Lenovo thinkpad edge 11


patrick schlabs
In St. Petersburg, the best IMHO.
Yes, I agree.
+ There are pleasant discounts for this store on the leprosy (there is an opportunity to buy goods at the price from the 4th column (saving about 15%), you just have to go to the central warehouse or outpost yourself), if I'm not mistaken. - carol evans
Good site, thank you. - anne simpson
Notik.ru has branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg http://spb.notik.ru/.
In Moscow, I bought several times - I am satisfied with this store.
Specifically your laptop http://www.notik.ru/goods/13374.htm - jennie granmoe
price tags deliver :(
but thank you - mira15
elizabeth griffith
e-books can be bought on Ozone
only Nuka is not there. - ipsa
I've already bought four laptops in the store notebookhp.ru/. Geographically located on the street. Efimova, metro Sennaya / Sadovaya. They work on a preliminary call, after which they bring a laptop to the issuing point.

Laptops are usually very tasty prices, although not a very large selection.
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