How to extend the battery life of a laptop (netbook)?

Asked bymatthew mccrady

Are there any universal rules for increasing the battery life of a (lithium-ion) laptop?

The better track wear, for timely replacement of the battery with a new one?


The battery should not perform only the function of the UPS in a laptop. Therefore, try to work from the battery and put the laptop on charge when it is really necessary. Himself 2 batteries on laptops ditched for a year of operation by stupid disregard for this rule.

Otherwise, follow the instructions for this type of battery.
sharon rubenstein
I adhere to the rule - periodically (1.2 times per month) to completely discharge the battery.
Do not discharge in 0.
Do not use in cold \ heated.
For long-term storage leave 60% charge (do not store fully charged \ discharged).

P.S. instructions worth reading.
angelica marin
We look at the type of battery and we act accordingly. But in general, the laptop has a controller that looks after the battery.
I have to change when the full charge is not enough for an acceptable time. In my experience it is 2, maximum 3 years.
I give one piece of advice: do not carry your laptop in the cold, and if you carry it, wait until it warms back to room temperature. I have a dead battery for the Samsung NC10 during the winter.
dawn suzuki
No matter how carefully you keep it, it will still die in 2-4 years. I made such a conclusion by reading the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčinformation before buying a non-original battery to my asus. Therefore, I do not bother. ;) I use the laptop all the time. Mostly 220, but often with a battery. But I never wonder how to make it better. I use everything. The first three times, yes, of course I pumped it to full discharge - the charge, and now how is it.
daniyar turmukhambetov
How not to try to protect Akum, all the same will die for a year. Here are the old laptops, there are still batteries lived for a long time and right now - a year and all. I have xps, the battery has died (holds 10 minutes) for 9 months. I brought the guys to the department of alternative power sources - they say, the batteries themselves are suitable and normal, but the controller is dead. I think this is done on purpose. I have around with my 10, laptops of my friends and work. You can watch. So - everywhere the same picture - batteries die very quickly.
jacquelyn sand
I agree with the answer Alex42rus. I live like this myself.

As for tracking, there is a free program, PC Wizard.

I have been using my compact laptop for over a year now. Battery wear 14%.
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