How to find or make a & quot; water cut & quot ;?

Asked byzeno s son


Please help me create the right search query for Google (or who can share links right away) to find guidelines for creating (or a ready-made result) a "water cut". Here is link of what I mean.

I tried different requests, such as “water section photoshop”, “underwater photoshop”, etc., but the answer is not what I mean.

Thank you in advance.


noel napier glover
But what the hell is that.
miguel trigo
I will answer only part of your question.
Namely, on the fact of the fact of the “correct” Google request.

The fact is that there is probably no “correct” query.
Because Google (and not only it) tracks your preferences and forms its output under its understanding of your needs.

I have repeatedly set up an experiment: I made a simultaneous request to Google from different computers - the output is different. Moreover, different output even when requested from one computer, but from different browsers.

The differences are the more striking the more actively you use Google.

This, by the way, makes it impossible to make statements like: “my site is in the top ten Google issue”. On one computer, it is indeed in the top ten, and on hundreds of others in less attractive positions.

Here you can read an article confirming my words.

The more query options you make, the more complete the picture.
Alas, the magic button does not exist.

In your case, I would try to make a request in Russian, adding to it the name of sites containing cliparts. For example, "allday water cut". Perhaps by restricting the search, you will find it faster.
I apologize, the link to the article was not inserted: - rebecca guest scott
Thank you! - patrick racine
for the request “underwater shooting” gives out quite a lot of similar pictures + also added filters by the colors blue and blue
tom kollman
This is done very simply:

First, a plane is created, covered with a gradient - the actual water. Podshamanivaetsya for a sense of depth, bottom is drawn, light, fish, air bubbles - to choose.

And then a slice is drawn with brushes. I pack you the finished water-cut brushes for Adobe Photoshop:
Thank you very much, you really helped me! - afra
Sorry, the link did not attach. Here:
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