Simple PHP class for Twitter API on OAuth?

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Yesterday we found out that the class we use can no longer help us with updating Twitter status, because it is based on a simple authorization, which is unavailable since yesterday. Used a class from Felix Oghina, the use of which, in principle, was reduced to:

$twitter = new Twitter(TWITTER_LOGIN, TWITTER_PASSWORD);<br/>
$success = $twitter-&gt;update($newstatus);<br/>

Could not find a suitable class on OAuth. I will be grateful.


Successfully transferred our system to the first of the list:
It took about 15 minutes.
And how to download from github ?! - terry hartley
On the top left there is a button “Download Source”, but however, there is only one file. - scott ollivier
Do I understand correctly that this class will allow posting statuses to my twitter script? Without going to the twitter site, clicking the “Allow” button, etc.? - kristy brown
Yes, just go under the account you are using, register a new application, get a key + token for it - this is what is meant by the customer key and customer token, then go to the “my authorization keys” tab, then you will get something called a user key and user secret - ahlam
Thanks, worked! - juliana es
right here Koterov describes the topic in detail, there is an example of a simple class
on the twitter site there is a list of libraries with which he works:
You can start with it.
Yeah, only they do not work already - megan kulp
and why? What has changed?
It was written on the site that these libraries are tested and work. - yanique
jessica gregory
And I like this implementation most of all
I support. Very competent code - priscilla mowinkel
You can take a component from Zend_Framework
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