Is it possible to access OpenLDAP via MAPI? Or how can OpenLDAP pretend to be a GAL?

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Hello dear.

There is an ATCS client (InfraCommClient) which can only accept as an address book:

1. The actual address book of the server (more precisely, the users established locally on the server)

2. Windows Address Book (WAB files)

3. Outlook Address Book

4. Exchange GAL (which is LDAP in nature)

5. It is possible (theoretically) to use other providers of contacts registered in the system

There is an OpenLDAP directory with contacts.

And there is a banal task - all users should have a single address book.


1. In the server address book only subscribers of ATSCI can be.

2. WAB - a purely individual thing

3. Outlook, we do not use

4. We don’t have Exchange.

The support spread his hands, except options 2 - 4 can not offer anything.

Is there a MAPI-LDAP contact provider for Windows in nature?

Is it possible to emulate GAL?

ps: if crookedly formulated - do not blame me :)


nicole withrow
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Try it, it will not work - ICQ 554370273, I can try to help
Hmm, apparently I badly googled :) I'll try, I will write about the result - melissa weisman
As an option Zimbra contains GAL
There you can import from your ldap
A simple option to import into ldap from zimbra.
Difficult option - to understand how they did GAL :)
Unfortunately - not suitable, because I don’t want to migrate to Zimbru yet, the current system is satisfied :) But as an option for the future, it was considered. - lora
maggie k
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OpenLDAP does not support VLV (Virtual List View). And the list of all addresses (without search) cannot be obtained. Accordingly, the idea is meaningless, you need to look for another LDAP server (supporting VLV).
Active Directory supports VLV. It is also supported by 389 Directory Server (former Fedora Directory Server, EMNIP) - anne arthurs
Active Directory - will not work, since there are 3 more in the LDAP, there are no trust relationships and there can not be. 389 Directory Server - try to pick up, thanks for the tip - pelephant
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