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Suppose you need to process (select objects, blur an image, etc.) streaming (24fps, 1280x720) video. There is a minimum of 22.118.400 interactions per second. How to optimize such processes? I know about libraries like OpenCV, I am interested in a self-written solution.

One codec is a highly paid engineer of a large corporation, has been writing for about three years. OpenCV writes Intel engineer. What do you mean by samopinny? - henk nouwens
Well, for example, go through all the pixels and increase the red value by 10% without using standard libraries. Any fast analog of 2 for loops exist? Maybe there is an opportunity to use a GPU, and not a CPU? - chris michaels


philip faustin
Yes, it can be convenient to use a GPU for processing large data arrays. Specifically - had a positive experience with NVidia CUDA:

At the same time, the easiest way is not to reinvent the wheel, but to work with video as with video, writing your filter for the ffmpeg video library, let's say. here is the documentation on how to do this.
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