Advise a book on Rails 3 in Russian or English

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I would like to have something like “Flexible development of web applications in Rails” (with an example of an application that is written in the course of the story), but for the third rail. In general, it will be good if there will be about RSpec.

it is about the "real" book, now reviewing the link list, my eyes are diverging, so I hope that you will add something sensible. - simon innes
And why should my eyes run away, in the same place along RoR 3, all but one book in the status of pre order, i.e. not yet published, and reach you at the best in November, and even in January. Beginning Rails 3 is the only one already published, which means it is not based on the final release of RoR 3.0.0, but on one of the beta versions. Given the number of changes since the time of those beta versions, you will have to, reading it, wade through a bunch of unobvious rakes. - agustin silva diaz


nan pitcher
As it was already written above, there is no actual literature and I think it will not. Rail community too fast for slow translations and other rubbish.
If you want rails - english please;) You can start right at
In my case, the following combination of documentation is best for learning Ruby on Rails (1.x, 2.x, 3.x):  
The fact is that there is still no actual literature in Russian even for the second rail.
is) “Rails Path” in Russian - wade stevenson
in comments it is written that for 1.x - jason blair
for 1.x with clarifications about 2. Very good book, I often read. - maayan schwab
tom ae
I think it's a bit early :)
Nothing is too early, there are already some English-language books / tutorials for third-party Rails. link of this version of the engine was mentioned fresh literature. And has already been updated, fresh and ready for new adventures with new Rails. - cameron shepler
karl steel
I may somehow vaguely express myself, but right in the title of the question it is written & quot; ... OR ENGLISH & quot; and further in the text of the question & quot; ... SPEECH ABOUT THIS BOOK & quot ;. The real one is paper in my understanding.
did this refer to shiroginne more: / - jacobsson
Did you have a checkered move? REAL BOOK - this is possible and cool, but on the basis of RoR nothing better and more relevant than Rails Guides is still not found. Actually, Rails Guides and were created to eliminate the constant backlog of paper books from relevant information. - virginie meyers
jackie the librarian
Beginning Rails 3 - Easily located in pdf
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