WordPress 3.0, ID of the current category

Asked byavital

I struggle with the menu and submenu. Reached child_of = 6, then there will be a submenu with the topmost parent with id = 6
It is clear that everything is bad with numbers, we need a variable.
Before version 3.0, she rolled $ cat, judging by the forums. here it does not work at all.
It is right now as it is otherwise called? )


$cat_ID = get_query_var('cat');

in response to silence ( - christy crosby
sharon connolly
is strange because it works for me. You are not in a magnifier accidentally announce?
I just learn the basics of php and subtleties with WordPress.
stupid in page.php & lt ;? $ cat_ID = get_query_var ('cat'); echo $ cat_ID? & gt; - dickon
yes. Before WP Loop - caryn caldwell
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