I want to remove the Evolution icon from the gnome [SOLVED] panel

Asked byaudrey monke

image The icon is part of the Indicator Applet. The entire applet cannot be turned off.


Thank you! So this sequence of commands helped me:

sudo aptitude remove evolution-indicator indicator-messages

killall gnome-panel
- amber stumpf
Why is it so cruel? Well this is a guillotine against dandruff ...
Maybe somehow, softer and kinder, in the session manager to prohibit the launch of these same indicators?

Demolish, then why? - vakul
with the right mouse button - remove from the panel (I have Ubuntu 10.04)
stephanie rouleau
I confirm the PA, it is removed by the right button with the item. Isn't it at 10.10? At 10.04 no problems.
With the right button, I was able to remove the entire Indicator Applet, which also contained the volume control and the actual icons of the running applications (Ubuntu 10.04). Delete one icon fails. - jason stewart
And how to put it there? I want to type something in the tray.
Fedora 22 with a gnome - alexnap
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