What explains the difference in the readings of the counters Liveinternet, top.mail.ru and TNS

Asked bysalma siddig

There is a certain site that has 3 counters LI, top.mail.ru and TNS installed
With this:
top.mail.ru shows 110 thousand visitors
LiveInternet shows 100 thousand
And TNS shows 90 thousand

Why is this happening? I understand that because of the different counting algorithms. Maybe someone knows what these differences are?

Views the same number? - dreama
The situation is repeated every day? - paula wallace
data are compared for a full, last day? - cassandra turner


ari choquette
Different algorithms, different settings (blocking) for visitors. I, for example, do not use the “standard” adblock database, but cut down a specific advertisement that annoys me - why should I prevent the owner of an interesting site from analyzing statistics and / or receiving advertising revenue by showing, or even by clicking (I often click on Google ads) with a very real commercial interest, for example, on hosting advertisements)
christopher higgins
In addition to different algorithms, some of the counters may not always have time to load.
visitors all three listed consider cookies.
different algorithms
differences in code
the order of the code on the page,
various hit filtering algorithms,
clutter of user's cooks in each of the domains (browsers have different indicators of cookie security, and the size of the allocated space ...)
probably something else, it would be easier to say with the example of a “patient”
tanya williams
adblock zhezh
Adblock should block all three counters. And in theory, the data should not be different.
Moreover, mail.ru should be blocked in the first place (as there is a picture), and attendance from it is the highest. - liedra
depending on who else thinks. someone uniquely determines by ip, someone according to cookies - kiersten schiffer
at tns is also a picture that is also inserted without javascript
All three of these unique ones are determined by the cookie. - laren frueh
emaan alvi
Differences in the algorithm for counting repeated visits.
still affects the amount of coverage when counting visitors with one viewing
TNS counts only Russian users, if you are about their monthly report.
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