Integration of the site with the 1C: Enterprise 8 database

Asked by synth

There is a small website (without the engine) and you need to display the contents of the 1C database on one of the pages. Can anyone come across this? Where to begin? Perhaps there is documentation or something that can help solve this problem? Thanks in advance.


ra l leonardo
for example 1C: Enterprise 8. WEB-extension
ryan fletcher
If without problems: 1C - & gt; xls - & gt; csv - & gt; site
With minor problems: 1C - & gt; xls - & gt; csv - & gt; site + trigger to change data in 1C
With big troubles - advised above =)
Yes, I forgot - triggers like only in 1C 8.1 appeared - gilmmatt618
Thanks - alta faye
Thank you all! - erine
And it is possible to put 1Kki into tables in the database, and then from there pull data for the site - debbie sladek
1C allows you to use third-party dll-libraries and, therefore, you can do anything. But for this you have to have a normal fuck. It is much easier to write a script on any of your favorite languages ​​for the site, which will accept GET parameters and hang up on triggers in a 1C-ke connection to a script with these parameters.

The only problem is that the HTTP library built into 1C for some reason necessarily wants to write the server's response to the file = & gt; many write operations, etc. For Windows, specify “null” instead of the file name - and there will be happiness. - hillary hawkins
leah sims
a) Downloading to the textbook with 1C processing
b) http request from 1C
c) direct recording from 1C with a request to the site database
d) web services 1C (module for Apache)
e) direct request to MSSQL, on which 1C is spinning

The first item can, probably, all 1C programmers.
If memory does not change me, then it is possible to have PostgerSQL as a base. - b sherman h
I do not own such information, but as far as I understand the essence of 1C, Postgre at its base will be a rare perversion. :-) - andrea o dell
karl sommer
make a web service, send him inquiries and get answers)
This is the most hemorrhoidal way to get data from 1C. :) - kim boykin
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