Which OS is better to use to create a cluster

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There is a question about choosing an OS to create a cluster using ISPmanager Cluster.
If anyone had or has experience in this area, I will be happy to listen and take into account.

What exactly choose CentOS or FreeBSD? - r


uniquely Linux - CentOS / RHEL (paid) or Debian. If you are not going to buy RHEL, then I would choose debian, it seems to be more stable than a centos.
this is the destination - janos
melissa somerton
Depending on the availability of specialists. This is absolutely the dominant criterion.

If for some reason this is not a problem for you, then the choice should be made between frey and Linux, which are basically equivalent and here you need to look at why you need this cluster.
Actually already reduced to two, CentOS and FreeBSD. But what exactly to choose. - samar kousay
even though I am an ardent fan of fryaha, I would not advise doing it on fryahe. - julieth
why do not advise fryahu? - mark marchetti
Personally, I would choose Debian. Well or CENTOS, if Debian is not in options. Just because I know Linux much better than fryu, and in the Debian I feel more comfortable. Heh. There is no fundamental difference, especially for hosting. Apache is the same here and there ... Performance under normal configuration is the same. ipfw fryashny as for me is more convenient than iptables, but this is a one-time setup procedure and it is not essential. Under the Fr, there is always trouble with iron, but again, in the case of a cluster, this is not important. - christa morris
By the way, recently with iron (at least with the server), under Frei, I had no problems at all. So what about the trouble is controversial. - ipsa
fryaha good for stand-alone servers. for veb it is wonderful, but I wouldn’t collect a cluster on it. - marijke
debbie wenk
I would choose CentOS. For it is Free RHEL and there is a lot to read.

And what a cluster? HA-LBC? Or just HA?
To be precise, this is:
 ispsystem.com/software/ispmanager/cluster/ - cassandra turner
Look at the link, still better than CentOS - pushpender
sharmaine dela cruz
Sun Cluster Geographic Edition :) But I also liked the powerful product for small clusters.
It is small and planned - tricia lentini
ted haussman
CentOS / RHEL is the best option. I would not choose Debian, I did not see the cluster management out of the box.
Fryah - no.
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