Advise books for studying reverse engineering and writing drivers for USB devices

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Books for beginners are desirable and if possible in Russian.


K. Kaspersky "Art of disassembling"

VP Soldat "Programming Windows Drivers"
thanks, I’ll see, but tell me about writing drivers for Linux? - max skidmore
In the context of porting drivers for Linux:
-read the Linux Kernel from OReilly to understand the general concept (at least selectively)
-take usb snoop and sniff all driver-device communication traffic. understand the format of data transfer.
-see drivers of similar devices (network cards, dvb cards and etc.) and based on the finished driver, blind your own.

This is the way of 99% of people who port USB device drivers under linux.
sarah keeton
As a rule, the manufacturer supplies a ready-made driver to the USB controller on which the device is made. Take it as a basis
andy young
On the structure of USB and programming under it - Agurov (but he finishes with Pascal), the English Complete book is good for English. Specifically, there is nothing most likely on the subject of USB drivers, except perhaps to look for ready-made examples, for Windows there are some good ones in the same DDK. Under Linux, I don’t know.

Pro work with a USB host controller is a good chapter in the book "Programming at the hardware level", by Kulakov.
tony antony theva
RE - art, I think.

This cannot be taught; the maximum that can be - push in this direction ...

At a minimum, you should like assembly and at least one night in your life do not go to bed because you “almost understood how to get rid of another pair of instructions and achieve a record in the implementation of the i386 Life game”
RE = reverse engineering, of course - sitara
Zubkov asm Linux < br /> Kaspersky Rat IDA

2009-06-13 05:24:56 0day Lakeview.Research.USB.Complete.The.Developers.Guide.4th.Edition.Jun.2009.eBook-BBL
stina hubert
Regarding drivers for Linux, there is a sensible book "Linux Device Drivers ".
As for the RE - pay attention to the books and articles by Chris Kaspersky.
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