How to start learning python?

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Maybe I was looking badly, but I did not come across adequate books or websites (preferably Russian-speaking) on ​​the subject of learning this language from scratch. I will be glad links or names.


ernestasia siahaan
If you really decided, and are sure that you want to understand Python, then better Learning Python, 3rd / 4th edition by Mark Lutz is not to find anything. Book link and in the Russian version, although only the 3rd edition is translated. In any case, feel free to buy and dive with your head.
Yes, Learning Python is an excellent book. Sam bought in Russian, all in detail and without unnecessary descriptions of the modules. I would like to buy link (Python. Essential Reference). - morten k
There is already the fourth edition in Russian, I read it myself, the Symbol publishing house. I bought a PDF on - harj dhillon
If this did not help me, then I am hopeless? - christina langley
I think that yes, because there is hardly any more accessible and relevant, there is also something in Russian ... - arvid tomayko peters
There are still Python in a Nutshell but this is essentially a retelling of tut'a, supplemented by examples. In addition, lagging behind life for 4 years. - patty busch
If this does not help, then it is probably worth reading this book
Very good for beginners, many good examples. There is a translation into Russian, but not all chapters are there. I strongly advise.

Although I personally use Rossum’s book The Python Programming Language. There, among other things, it also tells a lot about built-in functions and libraries. - kristen johnson
Yes, an excellent book

Is on Libgen and in the donkey

ed2k: // | file | OReilly.Think. ed2k: // | file | OReilly.Think.Python. ed2k: // | file | OReilly.Think.Python.Aug.2012.Allen.B.Downey.epub | 2898450 | 1C7E79BEA000C63FDFD62B888A7B31E7 | h = LYQEOS252RBJHXB6446DSY554YLXN76G | / - vivela
caren bennett
The cycle of articles on intuite helped me a lot
this cycle is at least obsolete for 5 years :) - amr ayman
To learn the basics is enough. Then you can move to the official documentation. - ayvih
Dauge, for example, learn from this course that in a language, two types of data can represent a string. And then, having opened the documentation, one wonders that the type of lines is one. Get the mess in your head and get confused - this is what you need at the beginning of learning a language. - jeremy johnson
Are you talking about the 3rd python or what? Practical application is minimal for him now, most of the libraries and frameworks in python 3 do not work. If you want to learn python for a reason, and in order to practically use it, in the next year or two it will be more relevant to learn 2nd. The third, I think, in 3 years will begin to push the 2nd one seriously. - nathan paret
Obviously, from Monty Python!
In the breaks you can memorize the aforementioned Lutz, but first you need to at least see all the full-lengths, otherwise you risk not understanding half the variables in the examples and not answering a good number of questions at the end of the chapters.
What are the full-length movies? - worf thaddeus
rihards gailis
tutorial in Russian.
raro de concurso
I myself began the study of python by writing scripts on it. Actually, the documentation on the main site - and immediately forward, by analogy.
Imkho, you first need to read Dive into Python (without deep understanding of the text and / or running examples - you just have an idea of ​​the possibilities of the language), and then writing a more or less real application in a selected area of ​​real tasks (web programming from, for example , programming stand-elon applications is very different). Examples in books / websites are often divorced from life and imply no UI that is larger than the console / data files. It is also useful to look at the code of real applications, the same django

Essno, this applies to the situation when Python is “another mast-have language” and that such a branch, loop or hashed collection (aka dictionary) is not necessary to understand.
pablo salas
If you already have experience in programming, the fastest start is Mark Pilgrim's dive into python, otherwise Mark Lutch and his latest edition of Learning Python
I once started with Rossum’s book, you can easily find it in the internet in Russian .
dean tambling
Here is link, in my opinion, a good selection of examples of how to (and sometimes how not to!) Write in Python. After the most basic things are mastered - I recommend!
suzanne hill
Personally, I started with the courses. Previously, I neglected various online courses, but now I realized that I had lost a lot of time in vain. is full of python courses. I took a course that Pavel Fedotov reads. Course without water.
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