Certification of provider iron and software

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I am interested in certification of provider equipment and software.
 - What should have certificates - what equipment, software, operating system?
 - Is it possible to use self-assembly as a current equipment (server, for example)?
 - Is billing required to be certified if 1C: Enterprise is used for workflow, and access restriction is done at the script / database / radius level?
 - Do I have to have a certified OS, and which OS have certificates in the field of communications? Can I put any distribution you like?
 - tips, personal experience, etc

I have not yet met such information on Habré, and there is simply little in RuNet.

If you want to be a provider yourself, then your company must have a license to provide telematic services. Or do you want to sell equipment and software providers? Then where is it from you - will you collect it yourself? - milmart
License - by itself. The question is about the hardware and software. - dinara


samuel brown
As for the documents and the legal base in general, it is better to go to electrosvyaz.com/forum/index.php
Obtaining permission to operate the network / node / telematic communication center is a separate large quest that cannot be told in two words. Thesis: certificates for all equipment and billing.
If you have a strong desire to do everything according to the law, then contact your local liaison officer, meet people. They know exactly what and how to do;)
Thank you. - david misenheimer
But I would send you to the profile nag.ru - there are documents and experience and everything together in the forum
And thanks for that. Although, nag is already like a home. - brandi tolley
1) Access equipment (switches), switches should be certified, routers, wireless access points. And also billing system.

2) We used. In particular, billing, dhcp, intranet sites, technical and financial statistics, accounting and so on ... are spinning on self-service for ESXI ... so far there have been no problems.

3) Billing, must be certified necessarily. We have it samopisny but certified.

4) Not required. We have all the technical (vpn, billing, dhcp, cacti, p2p, private offices, media) spinning on freebsd, on the machines of engineers and technical support costs linux - mandriva, centos, ubuntu - who like what, for accounting we bought a licensed WinXP (for the client -Bank and 1c), which is on a virtual machine and works through rdp on thin clients.

From the personal ... you can roll the poem. For some private moments - ask, I will try to answer.
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