Opening the client's "dossier" during a telephone call

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For the client department, I would very much like to do just such a thing:
1. When a phone call is determined by the client number.
2. The operator opens a short dossier on the client with previous references and notes.

Apart from the fact that the operator starts a conversation with “Hello, Nikolai Vasilievich”, the topic is very important for viewing orders and wishes already made. It seems that something similar works in the call-centers of technical support, where the operator sees the previous problems of the client.

Currently, customer details are stored in a database in 1C and can be regularly exported (for example, in the morning) to any other format. There is a lack of a link between the caller ID, who gives the phone, and the program that allows you to see who is calling.

Telephony - most likely with a dozen copper lines to the office. The second option is to use the services of an external company that provides a multichannel number and organizes IP telephony from its site to the office.

The company is not very big, so I would like to get a fairly economical solution.

In this topic, I am completely unaware of possible solutions from both the hardware and software sides, so I’d like to share how this can be organized in general.


Look in the direction of Asterisk. It can break almost everything that you want.
Well, like this: Your telephone line is plugged into the FXO gateway (geo-channel), which takes your analog phone call to VOIP. Then it all gets - well, for example, in the asterisk (i.e. program on the server that can sort, distribute, etc. VOIP calls). This asterisk redirects the client's call to the desired device from the operator - VOIP phone (iron, or as a program, like ekiga, twinkle, xlite, etc.).

On the computer on which you are going to receive hints, you need to write a program that will cling to the asterisk through “asterisk manager api” (AMI) - (that is, the server that controls VOIP calls).

When an event comes through this AMI, that the operator picked up the phone and answered the customer’s call, your program from this event takes the phone number (if it is not hidden and if it is present), and then it displays the information you need.

Something like this. If on the fingers.
Thank you very much, it has become much clearer. - ketan joshi
Another moment: link or their analogues can simplify the situation, if you use the physical lines in the right quantity? - mohamed zahran
I can not say anything about this device, never used them. But the majority of what is written there (and still besides a lot of things) an asterisk can do no worse. - katya reimann
koko nata
You wrote it right:
1. Depending on the PBX, obtain from it information about the call to the desired internal number. Or advise you PBX?
2. Use software soft for IP-telephony, which allows calling a program with a parameter in the form of a number when making a call. Multichannel number, by the way, is a very useful thing and the wiring around the office does not need to do telephony.

Well, the 1c programmer, in any case, should be asked to make a shortcut with the calling card of the client. Or use an external CRM system.
The specific solution depends on the number of internal numbers and the price difference between traditional and IP telephony. I would advise IP. If interested - write your needs - think about how best to do
marwa majed
Thank you. Apparently, I did not accurately formulate the question, because I do not quite understand the topic. I need to understand what needs to be done to make it work. Now there is a base in 1C and there will be one of the options for a multi-channel number. Need to buy some kind of special piece of hardware (or software for IP-telephony), which will give numbers somewhere? Need some special software to process this data and bundles with 1C or will it be “in the box” with a piece of hardware? How is this generally implemented in principle?

For me, the question of communication is very incomprehensible. “We got a number - & gt; started looking in the database. "
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