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In our business center (Central District of Moscow) Internet tariffs pass all imaginable boundaries. And if we are ready to spend money on mail and telephony, then frankly speaking, it's a pity to spend money on surfing the web.
Now we use Yota, which is terribly uncomfortable and slow.
How did you get out of these situations?


sadie ghiandoni
And here is our way.
We ran into such a problem.
I suggested that there are local providers who are not as fat as the big ones.
A few days later, and twenty calls with magic words ...
We found those who were looking for, an excellent rate like 16000kb / s for 500 rubles.
In short, my home has a beeline fare and speed is steeper, and it flies slower than there.
They quickly added a plus and offered all the offices to connect and offered money to us if we would recommend to other offices (we refused).
Metro area Belyaevo.
If anyone needs, I will tell you where to call.
B BC provider monopolist - a subsidiary of the landlord =) - gella
And what they can forbid you to stretch the cable? - pearcesn
Exactly. They are not allowed to do this. - maurice
Agree with the advanced tenants, transfer the Wi-Fi from the neighboring house to the access point-receiver at your place.
There are no residential buildings around the BC. The nearest is 300 meters away. - maria ch
wifi will reach and away - ross
in our institute 500m between the buildings - 2 external antennas on the roof solved all the problems - ravsingh
dicelle rosica
We sat on Yot and Comstar, and then moved nafig.
The very year they moved to this BC. - shawn simmons
before moving you need to ventilate all issues carefully, especially if the quality and quantity of the Internet affects business processes. - guilherme goetze
gina alexan
Trying Skylink.
Won in St. Petersburg, they have already launched unlimited unlimited for 900r., In Moscow, like the same (& quot; link & quot;)
If not, then Megafon, in any case, it is necessary to test coverage and speed.
Skylink is clearly slower than Yota, both at the stated and at real speeds.
Speeds can be found here, for example: - janice prichard
alexis lloyd
There is the same problem in the business center services provided by the beeline. And the prices for legal entities are just space, for example, the cost of the Internet is equal to the cost of renting a room :-)
Therefore, we sit on Yota, it’s good that Eta has routers.
Comstar WiMax works ONCE better, but the impossibility to share it, unfortunately, so we do not use it.
There is a BC where the Internet is included in the rental price, but the rental price is correspondingly higher.
And why there is no way to share? - mabel
This is you for nothing. In Beeline (at least in St. Petersburg) extremely adequate people. We solved the problem with wild tariffs by writing an official letter to the Beeline with a request to reduce tariffs. What is surprising, we noticeably reduced them. A year later, we found the current tariffs again inadequate to reality, and wrote a new letter ... We were once again reduced the tariff several times.
The main thing is to write a letter and pre-talk with the staff by phone. - wishfool
I did not know that this is even possible. Just having experience with many providers, very few are ready for such concessions. - katya littleton
You need to communicate definitely. By the way, I recommend, if you have Beeline, find out which of the daughters is provided by the Internet - Sovintel or Corbin. We had Corbin, switched to Sovintel and changed the tariff - a total of less than 10k rubles. per month. - noman
in Moscow if it takes COMSTAR WiMAX - then this is what you need. there are far fewer subscribers on Comstar than on Yot, overloads are very rare, and the speed is good. If there is a Stream subscriber among friends / acquaintances - you can switch to a tricky rate, for 790r per month you get two unlimited - WiMAX and Stream at 6 Mbps.
Tenants should be slapped on their ears. For example, write to the FAS (an attempt not to torture).
Landlords probably :) In general, they are not obliged to allow other people to pull cables in their building ... That's when they stop listening to wifes ... - namreeta kumari
It’s to blame for landlords, of course.
It's not about other people's cables, but about pricing. If they are monopolists there, they need to be checked with special cynicism. Otherwise, they will continue to fuss. - letizia
mary reed
Buy any 3G modem with an adequate rate for individuals and stick it in dir320, for example. And that's all - you distribute the Internet in your wifi :)
speed will be clearly lower than wimax comstar - bettina
a black eyed
I want to raise the topic a little. In the central region of Moscow, in principle, Yota should work well, but if it does not work for you, then I think you should connect the cable Internet to you best of all. I think Beeline will suit you, here on link there is a description of tariffs for cable Internet. So I think this is the best option if you want a stable speed.
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